ABS Series Mobile Machines

ABS Mobile Machines

Small in size…big on potential!

The ABS is an entry level, affordable, yet versatile high pressure cleaner which can be used in a variety of applications such as:
Washing of waste/refuse areas
Occasional washing of vehicles
Cleaning in a small mechanical workshop



Pressure:100 bar150 bar200 bar
Flow:15 l/min15 l/min15 l/min
Motor:3,0kW 220v4,0kW 380v5,5kW 380v/525v


MaPa Cleaning Technologies design and manufacture a range of high pressure cleaners and reflect some of the latest technology ever to be used into this type of equipment.They have a standard range of high pressure cleaners that they manufacture, however we also specialize in custom builds for clients with specific needs and have built machines used for cutting chocolate, de-rusting railway car undercarriages, sewer cleaning, cooling in chicken houses and pig pens, trailer mounted units and so on.We are proud distributors for CEM-SA.


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